At Beauce Cabanons, we are dedicated solely to the construction of sheds of different sizes. It's our passion!

We offer buildings in kit form including:

  • Manufacture of building components in the factory

  • Different sizes ranging from 8x8 to 14x20

  • Delivery to the construction site

We also offer turnkey projects including:

  • The Kit delivered to the construction site

  • Land preparation

  • If required, the construction of a concrete slab or a monolithic foundation

  • Assembly of the building and exterior finishing

  • Interior finish if desired

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Our shed models

The Plex

6 juxtaposed sheds, ideal for apartment blocks or condo blocks.

The St-Anges

12x16 shed with 8x12 shelter, one and a half doors, as well as 4 windows.

The Ste-Marie

Large 14x20 shed, with a garage door, service door, two windows, and 2-sided roof.

The St-Georges

10x12 shed with 5' garage door, service door and 2 windows.

The St-Charles

14x16 shed with a garage door, a service door and two windows.

The Contemporary

10x12 shed, one and a half doors with two windows on the front.

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