The experts in livestock buildings oriented towards the future.

The experts in livestock buildings oriented towards the future


In the winter of 2016, Global Concept went from project to company. The reality of the market need for a complete service was striking. One thing led to another, and a high-quality team of agricultural specialists was born. This expertise enabled us to become a key player in project development, engineering, and farm-building design.

One thing led to another, and several projects were carried out in Québec, Prince Edward Island, and Ontario. By surrounding ourselves with exceptional partners, Global Concept has proven itself and now offers agricultural, residential, and commercial services.

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The Global team is composed of engineers, project managers, and technicians with concrete experiences from other trades to guarantee that your project will be a success!

Entrust us with your projects and benefit from all the theoretical, applied, and concrete experience of a passionate team.

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To help the agricultural industry evolve by offering personalized, comprehensive support for project realization through the innovative and unique approach of a team of expert consultants.

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