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Project to build a chicken coop of ± 16,000 chickens in Saint-Malachie.

Very good engineering mandate, as much for the realization of the plans as for the requests for environmental permits.

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Very nice project for Alfred Couture Ltée.

Construction of a new building with 800 fattening places in St-Raphaël.

Project engineering, building construction, sales, and installation of equipment.

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Ferme Purporc St-Valérien (AlphaGène)

Upgrading to animal welfare standards 2024 of a maternity of 1200 sows.

Complete renovation of the building.

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Ferme Maternière

Upgrading to animal welfare standards 2024 of a maternity in rotation with production.

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Hugo Bergeron

Project to enlarge a pig breeder type breeder whose herd will increase from 400 sows to 1199 sows including a request for a Certificate of Authorization from the MDDELCC.

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Construction project for a finisher-type pig farm with a useful capacity of 2,500 fattening pigs.

Project engineering, COST + construction of the building, sales, and installation of equipment.

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Ferme Mafran (Groupe Ducharme)

1200 sows

Replacement of gestation cages, slats, healers and troughs in a projection block of 936 cages. The work was carried out in rotation with the production since there was no depopulation of the herd.

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InterAgro is a 0-19 week commercial pullet farm for which we have carried out the engineering and installation of equipment.

The company supplying pullets housing and manure drying equipment is Tecno.

The farm has a capacity of 42,000 birds.

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Les viandes biologiques de Charlevoix

Very nice project in the production of organic pigs, in the Charlevoix region.

The producers are very concerned about animal welfare, and it was a pleasure for us to support them in their project.

We carried out the project engineering, the construction of the building, the sale, as well as the installation of the equipment.

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St-Eugène farm (Coop Purdel)

Upgrading to animal welfare standards 2024 of a maternity of 1200 sows.

Plans and specifications, building renovation, installation of equipment, supply of various equipment.

CDPQ Maternity

Design of plans and specifications for a building of 600 sows intended for teaching and research.

Olympique Farm

Expansion of a maternity unit with 2,100 sows to bring BEA standards up to standard in Chaudière-Appalaches.

Saint-Ours farm

Interior concrete renovation project and solidification of foundations in Charlevoix.

JCG farm

Turnkey project for a 2-story henhouse with 20,000 birds in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Roch Drouin farm

60 'x 400' PVC Dtech single storey chicken coop in Chaudière-Appalaches.